James Reily to Sam Houston, December 27, 1843

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James Reily to Sam Houston, December 1843

this resolution before him, could with greater assurance

demand that England obtained (as she can at any moment

our recognition or a truce for a definite period at once,

to prevent our becoming a portion of the United States & under

their tariff shutting out her trade. The resolution thus

passed would arouse them to more prompt action

& at the same time preserve your character for consistency.

Taking advantage of the excitement the discussion of

the Texas question has created both in the US & here your

Minister if acting with the proper tact & influence could

as I really believe obtain from the American Congress & support

to the high ground Mr Tyler has assumed. “That the War

would cease. Both parties are afraid of the question of

annexation which is now being forced upon them by the

Press, & would be glad to get rid of it. They would do this

by compromising to give us independence. This is a compro-

mise I firmly believe both parties would be glad to

make & which they could be induced to make if the

proper means & influences were used. I trust Vanzandt

will take advantage of the present favorable crisis[.] With

this compromise all would be well & Texas satisfied[.] So

certain do I feel of the success of this plan that if

I could raise the means I would go to Washington

immediately. Nothing do I desire more than to see your ad-

ministration sustained and triumphant. As you were the

Hero that vindicated the liberty of Texas on the field I

desire that you may be the statesman that shall

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James Reily to Sam Houston, December 27, 1843. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #3237, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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