Ashbel Smith to Anson Jones, June 24, 1844

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Ashbel Smith to Anson Jones, June 1844

London, 42 St. James Place

June 24, 1844

Hon. Anson Jones

Secretary of State


I have had an interview today with

Lord Aberdeen at his request concerning the

relations of Texas and chiefly in reference to

the negotiations at Washington in the United

States for 'annexation.' The unfavorable impression

relative to the course of Texas entertained by his

Lordship previously to my late interview with him

appears to have been intirely [sic] removed; and

His Majesty's Government perceive[s] that Texas

in agreeing to treat for annexation has been

influenced only by the wish to obtain in this

way honorable peace after the total and avowed

failure of the Mediation of friendly Powers.

Lord Aberdeen observed that the British

Majesty's Government and that of France had

communicated with each other touching the

"annexation"; that, entire harmony of opinion

subsists and that they will act in concert in

relation to it: that, though the rejection of

the annexation treaty by the American Congress

Senate was regarded as nearly or quite certain,

nothing would be done by this Government

until the American Congress shall have

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Ashbel Smith to Anson Jones, June 24, 1844. English Diplomatic Correspondence, Texas Secretary of State records, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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