Ashbel Smith to Anson Jones, June 24, 1844

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Ashbel Smith to Anson Jones, June 1844

European Governments to make compulsory settlements

of dissensions between the countries of America

and the conferring on them of the right to

interfere in our affairs may lead to the

greatest inconveniences on our side of

the Atlantic; as such interference and settlement

have been the pretexts for inflicting atrocious

wrongs and oppressions on the smaller states

of Europe. I have believed that the objections

to a Diplomatic Act as mentioned above

will be deemed by our Government greater perhaps

than the inconveniences of our unsettled

relations with Mexico.

I am dearly of [the] opinion that these Govts.

will not urge of Mexico to make peace,

except in some such manner as I have

stated above or on such conditions and

guarantees as shall insure the permanent

independence of Texas. Further, I should

not be surprized were they to commit

Mexico not to make peace under present

circumstances except with such conditions

and guarantees, but by so doing annexation

should be facilitated by removing of

the obstacles to its accomplishment on the

part of the United States.

Lord Aberdeen more than once made

observations to the effect that he regretted

the agitation of the abolition of slavery in

Texas, as it had created so much feeling

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Ashbel Smith to Anson Jones, June 24, 1844. English Diplomatic Correspondence, Texas Secretary of State records, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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