Adrián Woll to Sam Houston, June 19, 1844

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Adrian Woll to Sam Houston, June 1844


1st Brigade of the North

Commander in Chief

The time prefixed by the Supreme

Government of the Republic for the duration of

the armistice celebrated with the Commissioners

of Texas on the 15th of Feby of the present year,

having expired; His Excellency the President

has been pleased to determine that hostilities

are renewed and declared to exist from the

11th day of the present month, against the

inhabitants of that Department; while

I apprise you of this Resolution of his

Excellency, I will also represent to you

the fact that my Government is highly

indignant at the perfidious conduct of

those said inhabitants towards the Republic;

which, ever generous to them, believed they

were acting in good faith until the contrary

became manifest by their disregard of the

promises made in the same Treaty of

Armistice as relates to the Commissioners

according to Article 4 which were to have

proceded to the Capital of Mexico in order

to arrange the terms whereby these propositions

might be admitted.

His Excellency the President

convinced that the Honor of the nation

demands that such dishonorable conduct

should be punished and that it should be

understood that his motives for the delay

in declaring the renewal of hostilities, has

not proceded from the want of the ability

or of resources, but purely from motives

of humanity[,] desires me to make this


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Adrián Woll to Sam Houston, June 19, 1844. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #3507, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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