Adrián Woll to Sam Houston, June 19, 1844

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Adrian Woll to Sam Houston, June 1844

In the performance of this duty

altho' the reflection that human blood

must be shed, is painful, yet I have

the satisfaction to know that our cause

is just and that it is sustained by

sacred and imprescritible rights, in

which we have no less confidence than

in the valor of our own troops, and the struggle

once renewed, the civilised world will become

the judge of our rights, while victory will

crown the efforts of those who fearlessly

wage the battle for their country opposed

to usurpation.

I have the honor to reiterate to

you the assurance of my high consideration

and esteem.

God and Liberty. Headquarters

Mier June 19 1844

(signed) Adrian Woll


Gen. Sam Houston

A correct Translation

Washington 17th July 1844

(signed) Thomas G. Western


A Copy.

Anson Jones

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Adrián Woll to Sam Houston, June 19, 1844. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #3507, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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