Anson Jones to Charles Raymond, August 6, 1844

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Anson Jones to Charles Raymond, August 1844

The fact that the

negotiations for an armistice in progress

at Sabinas in Feb. last were suddenly interrupted

upon the receipt of the intelligence by

Mexico that a proposition for the annexation

of Texas to the United States had been

submitted by the latter country, and

that subsequently the information of

the conclusion of the treaty had given

great umbrage to the Mexican Govt.

taken in connexion with the letter of

Gen. Woll seems conclusively to indicate

that these movements of the enemy

have been caused by pending neg-

otiations between the United States

and Texas on the

subject above referred to.

I have consequently called

this day upon charge d.affaires of the U. States Gen. Howard, requesting

him to take early action upon the

assurances given to this govt by Gen.

Murphy, and by Mr. Calhoun and

that the promised aid might be

rendered to Texas by his government.

Enclosed herewith is a copy

of his reply to my communication

by which you will perceive that Gen. Howard

thinks it necessary to refer the whole matter

back to his Government for its action

and to await instructions from the

city of Washington.

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Anson Jones to Charles Raymond, August 6, 1844. United States Diplomatic Correspondence, Texas Secretary of State records, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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