Anson Jones to Ashbel Smith, July 14, 1844

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Anson Jones to Ashbel Smith, July 1844

through their influence.

You will bring this matter

at once to the consideration of

both Cabinets and ascertain what

offers (if any) they are disposed to make

based upon an assurance from

Texas that she will maintain

her national unity, and upon an advantageous

reciprocal commercial arrangem-

ent between Texas and either or

both of these countries. Should

England or France singly or

in concert, be disposed to enter

into any negotiations on this subject

it is the wish of the President

Government to be informed of it

though you as quickly as possible

and that their agents here

should be instructed to enter

at once upon those negotiations

with full powers to concude the


You will also ascertain

the substance of the corresp-

ondence which has taken place

between France and England on

the subject of Texas, and comm-

unicate the same to this Department

with as little delay as practicable.

Enclosed herewith I sesnd

you a copy of a letter from Gen. Murphy U.S.

Charge d.Affaires, giving some in-

formation lately recd by him from

Mexico. I also enclose you

the copy of a letter addressed

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Anson Jones to Ashbel Smith, July 14, 1844. English Diplomatic Correspondence, Texas Secretary of State records, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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