Ebenezer Allen to Andrew Jackson Donelson, June 23, 1845

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Eben Allen to Andrew Jackson Donelson, June 23, 1845

Department of State

Washington 23. June 1845.

The undersigned Attorney General of the Republic of Texas

charged ad interim with the direction of the Department

of State by order of His Excellency the President,

has the honor of transmitting to the

Hon. Mr. Donelson Charge d Affaires of the United States

[?] this government. The Enclosed copy of a

Joint Resolution adopted by both houses of the Congress of

Texas on the 21st inst. and this [?] received and approved by the President.

Declaring the consent of the existing government of

this Republic to the terms of the proposition for annexation, tendered

by the United States through the Hon. Mr. Donelson on the

31st of March ultimo to the Government and People

of Texas.

To all true friends of the great cause of

annexation and especially to the Hon. Mr. Donelson, whose energies and

talents have been so ably and faithfully devoted to the success of that

process, it must be particularly gratifiying to observe the harmony and unanimity with

which the Resolution has passed thro the houses of Congress

and received the Executive approval.

Rejecting the idea of separate nationality,


commanded to their choise by the proferred

recognition of their independence by Mexico, and the

countenance of powerful European sovereignties, the

people of this country have thus evinced by

most decided manifestations their strong but natural

preference for

the advantages of voluntary incorporation into the American union,

and their strong attachment to the free institutions of

that great and glorious Republic.

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Ebenezer Allen to Andrew Jackson Donelson, June 23, 1845. United States Diplomatic Correspondence, Texas Secretary of State records, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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