Ebenezer Allen to Andrew Jackson Donelson, June 23, 1845

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Eben Allen to Andrew Jackson Donelson, June 23, 1845

Among the features of this Resolution, it must

be gratifying to the Hon. Mr. Donelson and his Government

to observe that provision whereby the acts of the Convention

to meet on the 4th proximo are clothed with all

the sanctions which can result from the concurring

approval and consent of the Executive and the

Representatives of the people. And not less gratifying

the undersigned trusts will be the assurance expressly

resulting from the proviso that the various steps yet to

be taken on the part of the Republic to perfect,

so far as [it] expands upon her, the measure of annexation

upon the proposed basis, will be adopted with

the same promptness and fidelity which has

distinguished her preceding movements in

this great cause, and in that confiding spirit of

firm reliance upon the magnanimity and

generosity of the United States, which has ever

characterized the policy of the Government and the

disposition of the people.

The undersigned renews to Mr. Donelson

the assurance of his high regard and


His most obedient servant

Ebenezer Allen

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Ebenezer Allen to Andrew Jackson Donelson, June 23, 1845. United States Diplomatic Correspondence, Texas Secretary of State records, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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