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James A. Cox to Sam Houston, August 26, 1860

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James M. Cox to Sam Houston, August 26, 1860

Coxville Hill Co Texas
August 26th 1860

Gen. Sam Houston
Austin Texas

Dear Gen[,] Your returned faver [sic]
of the 1st Inst has been duly recvd. and
Contents noted. My Appology [sic] for not sending
you the best description I have of Mr. Sprigs
by last mail, is. I was absent on business
Connected with our exciting affairs in
this part of Texas. [H]is Initials are
Aron O Sprigs about Five feet nine Inches
high Dark hair & Beard rather square built
weighing about 155 Pounds. [U]ses tolerable good
Language[,] Generly [sic] dresses tolerable well, and
for a man engaged in the persuits [sic] he is and
has been, he would be regarded as a prudent
villain[.] [H]e was to stay some time in Austin
or George Town[.]

The villians [sic], horse thieves, and
abolitionists, are yielding up the Ghost rather
in a hurry. Two Tuckers one on the 9th the
other on the 10th Ceased their influence as
villains. And many others in northern Texas have
went the same road[.] [W]e Vigilence Committees, are
now perfectly satisfied that all our frontier
difficulties, are the result of whitemens [sic]

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James A. Cox to Sam Houston, August 26, 1860. Records of Governor Sam Houston.

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