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J.E. Strobel to Sam Houston, September 8, 1860

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Records of Governor Sam Houston

Ridgeville Sept 8th 1860

At a meeting of the Butler Rifles held
this day the following resolutions were

That we Sincerely Sympathise [sic] with our
sister State Texas in the difficulties
and loss of property which she has
lately Sustained

That we the members of said compa-
ny do unanimously tender our
Services to the Governor of Texas to
assist in Suppressing any Raid or
Insurrection that has or may occur
where Southern rights are usurped or
trampled upon

J.E. Strobel

J.J. Maguire
Secy pro tem

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J.E. Strobel to Sam Houston, September 8, 1860. Records of Governor Sam Houston.

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