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George Durant to Governor Edward Clark, September 3, 1861

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George Durant to Edward Clark, September 1861

Galveston Sept the 3d 1861

Govenor [sic] Clark

Sir enclosed you will
find a list of my Company. I want
our Commissions. We are made up
of three Counties[:] Galveston[,] Harris & Brazoria[.]
My men are all good horsemen and
Marksmen. We wish you would send
us to Arizona to aid Col. Baylor.
I have the right kind of men for
that purpose. You might think that
they should stay down here to defend
the coast. I think so too but they are panting
for Glory and they have waited over
six months to have a show at Galveston
but it came not and they will disband
and go to Virginia one by one unless
you will give them something to
do. I would rather go to Arizona
than any other place in the world next
to Virginia. [B]ut should you not see
fit to send me there then station
me in Galveston or some place where
I can keep my men quiet. I offered
my services to Col Terry but he had

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George Durant to Governor Edward Clark, September 3, 1861. Records of Governor Edward Clark.

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