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Draft Exemption for John Vogle, December 27, 1862

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Draft exemption for John Vogle, December 1862


John Vogle, aged 38 years, of the
County of Caldwell, State of Texas, having made oath that he is a
Wagon Maker and is now actually engaged
in that business

and that on that account he is exempt from Conscription by virtue of the Act of Congress,
I, OO Leavy, Enrolling Officer, Caldwell
County, do hereby certify that the said John Vogle
will remain exempt from Military Duty as a Conscript during the period that he shall remain a
Waggon [sic] Maker or untill [sic] further orders

John Vogel.

Sworn and Subscribed to, before me, at Lockhart this 27
day of December 1862.

OO Leavy Enrolling Officer for Caldwell Co.

(NOTE—Insert the Occupation, Profession, or Service, in which the person applying for exemption is engaged; if an employee, state the employer and establishment,
or business, and if a civil officer, state the term of office.) [Texas Printing House—E.W. Cevo.]

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Draft Exemption for John Vogle, December 27, 1862. Records of the Adjutant General, General Correspondence.

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