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Draft Petition for Alexander Schecke, April 2, 1862 (first page)

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Draft petition for Alexander Schecke, April 1862

The State of Texas To his Excellency
County of Fayette F.R. Lubbuck [sic]
Governor of Said State. Your undersigned pet-
itioners would respectfully make known to
Your Excellency that they are citizens of Fay-
ette County and all, or nearly so, of one neighbor-
hood, and that they all have families; also
would further represent that they have but one
Grist Mill convenient to their said neighborhood &
that is kept and owned by one Alexander Schecke
who is subject to be drafted and if he should be
drafted said Mill would be stoped [sic] & closed up &
thereby put your petitioners to great inconveniences
to get bread for their families. We, Your petitioners
would therefore pray Your Excellency to relieve said
Alex Schecke from said duty of being drafted &
allow him permission to stay at home and run
his mill to grind our corn & thereby supply our
wives & children with bread and by so doing
Your petitioners will ever pray Your Excellency.

Petitioners Names

A.L.D. Moore

Wm M. Short

FW Dodson

Bartlett Zachary

Jas W. Miller

Charles Fredrick

Jordan Gay

AM Short

HS Hinald

[blank space]

JA Trousdale

Henry Moore

JE Moore

Wm. J. Rufall

Wm Friedlander & Bro

John VD Bleeken [?]

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Draft Petition for Alexander Schecke, April 2, 1862 (first page). Records of Governor Francis R. Lubbock.

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