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J.L. McMeans to Francis R. Lubbock, June 22, 1863

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J.L. McMeans to Francis R. Lubbock, June 1863

pensation for the privilege of remaining at my bu-
siness if this should seem right to you.

Please let me hear from you immediately.

Very respectfully
Your Obt Servt.
J.L. McMeans.

N.B. A word of explanation. (You remember
what has passed between us in reference to JB Miller
of this county, who makes salt in Smith County.)
Col. Cooper of Crocket said that authority comes
from a proper source in Austin to him to dis-
miss Mr. Miller from the service last winter and
spring. Capt. Whitt of this county said he brought
the document from Austin to Col. Cooper, and
Mr. Miller said he received it. Capt Whitt
said that he did not see you, but that he saw
the Adjutant General and that he wrote the order
and handed it to a clerk to copy. Having learned
that Miller was excused in your absence, and con-
cluding that you might not be apprised of the fact
it was my wish that you should be posted, thinking
that you would do for me as much as had been
done for Mr. Miller. Now that another draft is on
hand please make arrangements by which Miller
Brooks, myself and others engaged in making salt
may not be hindered from production of so
important a business. Mr. Miller has partners; but
I have no idea that either of them is as competent to take
charge of the business as he is. I have no hope of
getting any one to fill my place. Men who have learned by
close attention, are the only ones competent at present.
You have a petition from this county in
reference to me & last winter’s call for
millitia [sic]. I could get another if it would do any good.


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J.L. McMeans to Francis R. Lubbock, June 22, 1863. Records of Governor Francis R. Lubbock, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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