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W.W. Whitby to Governor Pendleton Murrah, December 28, 1863

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W.W. Whitley to Pendleton Murrah, December 1863

John Tom their Captain promply [sic] replied
that he was in favor of making up their
own company and inviting me to join it and
if I did not to give me six feet of rope with
one end around my neck[,] saying still further
we will handle you rough[.] (Tom was drafted[.])

I consulted with some of undoubted Loyalty[and]
they told me I could do nothing[.] I left them in
in [sic] their own glory[.]

Their conduct has completely defeated the enforce-
ment of the Military Law at present and we
are still without organization[.] I was satisfied
at the time that it was a trick to defeat the
draft and avoid becoming subject to orders[.]
I have not seen any thing yet to change my views[.]
I have forwarded a statement of these facts to the
Col Comd the 31st Brigade, and requested him
to relieve me from further duty[.]

I see from the public prints that last Legis-
lature has made it the duty of all men knowing
facts of this nature to make them known to you
or some Judge or Justice of the peace[.] Believing
that no civil office could act in this matter
at present I therefore respectfully acquaint you
of these facts in order to acquit myself of Mis-
persion [misapprehension?] of Treason.

If an example could be made of some
of the leaders I think the rest could
be governed[.]

Yours Respectfully
W.W. Whitby
Enrolling Off
Atascoso [sic] & Frio

To the Governor
of the State of

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W.W. Whitby to Governor Pendleton Murrah, December 28, 1863. Records of Governor Pendleton Murrah, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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