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Anton R. Roessler to Pendleton Murrah, March 9, 1864

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Anton R. Roessler to Governor Murrah, March 1864

Office State foundry Austin March

Honorable P. Murrah, Pres. Military Board

During Mr Hooker’s
absence I have been left in charge of the business of
the State foundry. It is my impression that if some
change is not made in the foundry immediately, no
material will be left there to complete a battery. Last week
Mr S.T. Brown wagonmaker took from the wheels of guncarria
ges 4 hubs, 28 fillies and 56 spokes, worked several days and made
a complete set of wheels, which he sent away on Mr Fellman’s
wagon yesterday morning without my consent. I thought it
my duty to stop this proceeding, but Mr Brown told
me he bought the material from Mr Hooker. Mr Jno
A. Butler the moulder sent away yesterday 4 buggy
wheelboxes made from canonmetal & weighing about 50 lbs.
I learn that he made them for some person in the country
who will pay him in specie. If such things were done
while Mr Hooker was here, of course I did not consider it
my business to interfere, but while I am in charge I will
not allow such cheating if I can prevent it. Considering
it my duty to inform you of this

I have the honor to be Sir
Your Very obedient Servant
A.R. Roessler
in absence of R. Hooker
Supt. foundry

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Anton R. Roessler to Pendleton Murrah, March 9, 1864. Records of Governor Pendleton Murrah.

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