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E. Kirby Smith to Pendleton Murrah, March 31, 1864

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Kirby Smith to Governor Murrah, March 1864

demand for the Conscript element, made
by yourself in February last. I was
induced to offer the compromise which
you accepted in the belief that you would
spare no effort in calling the State Troops
immediately into service, and stated to you
that under the Confederate laws they could
be received only by Regiments, Battalions
or Companies. I understand that
members of the State organization have
been largely furloughed and sent to their
homes. If this is the case, I trust
that you will take steps for immediately
recalling them, and will place without
delay, the State Troops under the orders
of the District Commander. The
military strength of the District has
been greatly reduced by the withdrawal
of troops and their concentration in
the Red River Valley, and I have
reason for believing that when our weak-
ness in Texas becomes known to the
enemy, he will rapidly concentrate and
transport an invading force to your
coast. This is both practicable and
probable. If the State force is
promptly organized and prepared for

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E. Kirby Smith to Pendleton Murrah, March 31, 1864. Records of Governor Pendleton Murrah, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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