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Jefferson Davis to Pendleton Murrah, February 25, 1865

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Jefferson Davis to Governor Murrah, February 1865

“HdQr Army N. Va.”

“Respectfully returned to his Excellency President Davis

I should be much gratified to comply with
the request of Governor Murrah could I do so consistently
with the interests of the service. But small as the
Texas Brigade is, it cannot be spared now. It contains
some of the best troops in the army and its loss would be
severely felt[.] The campaign is just opening, and
our need of men is so great that even a smaller number
than the Texas Brigade could not be spared.

The only way I can see to
allow them to go home, is to send some other troops
from Texas to take their place.

I shall be much gratified
to see the brigade recruited to a division but to
send it away now would be very injurious to the service.”

“R.E. Lee”

I trust the reasons assigned [?] by Genl Lee for non compliance
with your Excellency’s request at this time will prove

Very Respectfully
yours &c &c
Jeffers[on] Davis

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Jefferson Davis to Pendleton Murrah, February 25, 1865. Records of Governor Pendleton Murrah.

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