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Kirby Smith to T.J. Sprague, May 15, 1865

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Kirby Smith to T.J. Sprague, May 1865

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Head Quarters, Trans. Mspi Depm’t
Shreveport, La. May 15th 1865.


I have had the honor to return
my official reply to the demand of
Major Genl. Pope, under instructions from
Lt. Genl. Grant for the surrender of this

An unofficial conversation ensued
between us in which I frankly ad-
mitted the force of recent events in the
states east of the Mississippi, and
you expressed a warm and benevolent
desire to avoid further effusion of blood
and the infliction of useless suffering
upon the people. I had before your
arrival convened the Governors of the
States composing my Department for the
purpose of consulting with them in
reference to public affairs and questions
more properly belonging to the civil than
the military authorities. Having expressed
a desire to ascertain the results before
your departure [inserted line - illegible] I have conferred fully
with the Governors of the states of La.[,]
Ark. & Mo.[,] the Governor of Texas being
ill, was represented by one of his

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Kirby Smith to T.J. Sprague, May 15, 1865. Records of the Adjutant General, General Correspondence, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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