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Committee of Safety to A. Newman, May 25, 1861

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Committee of Safety of A. Newman, May 1861

May 28th 1861.

Mr. A. Newman.


It has been reported to the Com-
mittee of safety of this County that you have expressed
abolition sentiments before truthful and trust-
worthy citizens living in our midst and as the pres-
ent crisis will admit of no such expressions we are
authorised [sic] to advise you to leave our Country at
once, or at least within thirty days from this time.
Else you will be dealt with according to Mob
law. The excellency of your family against
whom no one can say ought is the only reason
of the above extension of time.

We sincerely hope you will not put us to
the painful necessity of putting our designs
into execution.

Prepare therefore and leave as you
will be carefully watched and should you
heedlessly disregard the above warning, your
friends if you have any, will deeply regret
your folly.

By order of the secret
Committee of Safety

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Committee of Safety to A. Newman, May 25, 1861. Records of the Adjutant General, General Correspondence.

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