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Page from a Petition of the Citizens of Houston County, November 24, 1860

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Houston County petition, November 1860

HOUSTON COUNTY, TEXAS, November 24th, 1860

To His Excellency, Sam Houston,
Governor of the State of Texas

The undersigned, your petitioners, most respectfully represent that the election of
Abraham Lincoln, a Black Republican, to the Chief Magistracy of the United
States, upon principles of aroused hostility to the South, and in palpable violation of
the sacred compact of the Union, has filled their minds with the most gloomy appre-
hensions for the fate of the Institution of Slavery and the Constitutional rights and
privileges. They therefore hope that Your Excellency will consider the alarming
exigency of the times, and convene the Legislature forthwith, to the end, that such meas-
ures may be adopted as the right of self-preservation now demands. And your petitioners
will ever pray, etc.


RS Pridgen

James F Clinton

D. Gordon

R.W. Taylor

A.F. Taylor

D.W. Taylor

Frank Rainey

J.H. Clinton

W.B. Taylor

A.E. Taylor

James Lindley

James W. Kirkpatrick

R.T. Moreland

Wm R Murchisone

J.E. Sheriden

John Jones

J.F. Wyle

John Weisinger

Robert Black

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Page from a Petition of the Citizens of Houston County, November 24, 1860. Records of Governor Sam Houston.

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