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About the Photographs

Q: Why are some of the images faded or blurred?

A: The legislator images predominantly came from existing photographic composites on display in the Texas Capitol. Some of the original composites were lost in the 1881 Capitol fire and we have managed to find historic miniature versions. The photographs on these composites vary in condition based upon the age and condition of the composite as a whole. All have been designated Capitol Historical Artifacts by the State Preservation Board.

Q: Why are photographs for some of the politicians missing?

When the capitol burned in 1881, many composite photographs depicting legislators were lost. During our research for this exhibit, we uncovered 34 of the images that had been missing, including the 30 that were depicted on the previous composite. We are still searching for the remaining 18 images. If your family has any composites that predate 1881, or if you are a descendant of a 19th century African-American politician and you have a photograph or painting of him, please call the State Preservation Board at 512-463-5495.



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