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H.P. Stockton to Gibb Gilchrist, February 29, 1936

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H.P. Stockton to Gibb Gilchrist, February 1936To:  Mr. Gilchrist

From:  H. P. Stockton, Jr., Resident Engineer

Subject:  Discussion of merits and basis of estimate for placing
present Temple-Belton Highway 2 in good travelable condition.

  1. The present road from its intersection with Main Street in
    Belton to the end of concrete at 31st Street in Temple consists of:

2576’ Asphalt pavement in Belton in good condition

634’ Concrete pavement 18’ width in Belton in fair condition

175’ Concrete pavement 26’ width at underpass in Belton

1315’ Brick pavement 26’ width at underpasses in fair condition

6998’ Asphalt pavement at the Leon River and in Temple

23230’ Invisible Tread Pavement

 298’ Leon River Bridge

35226’ Total Length – 6.671 Miles

2. The following pertinent facts should govern

a. Improvements of the road will increase speed of traffic
and because alignment features and narrow roadway width
increase traffic hazards.  The present Invisible Tread
section is 17 feet in width and by virtue of the fact that
traffic is forced to occupy a definite position on the
treads the practical effect of a wider pavement obtained.

b. The brick sections are on points of maximum curvature and
hazard and now offer a security against skidding.

c. The Invisible Tread sections show movement in the brick
on the treads at all expansion joints and the macadam be-
tween the rigid treads shows movement at the plane of con-
nection with the rigid tread and within themselves show
movement practically throughout the project as evidenced
by surface cracks and at numerous places depressions and
adjacent upward movement.

3.  Suggested reconstruction and reasons therefor.

           a.  The brick and concrete sections should be left In their
           present condition as they offer a fair riding surface and are
           reasonably safe against skidding.


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H.P. Stockton to Gibb Gilchrist, February 29, 1936. Bell County project files, Texas Highway Department Records, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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