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H.P. Stockton to Gibb Gilchrist, February 29, 1936

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H.P. Stockton to Gibb Gilchrist, February 1936

asphalt surfacing of the same type as used on the “Invisible
Tread” section placed.

d.  The Invisible Tread sections offer a problem the best
solution of which appears to the writer to be as follows
the reasons being as indicated:

The present material between the treads should be cut off
level with the treads in order to conserve asphaltic mat-
erial and essentially to provide an equal depth of material
over the entire surface to minimize shoving.  An asphaltic
material should be bladed on the road under traffic.  It
should be expected that this, because of movement in the
base sections, will have to be reshaped and additional
material added periodically to preserve a favorable riding
surface.  For this reason the cheapest satisfactory asphaltic
mix should be used with the requirement for future reshaping
realized and anticipated.  To provide for increased speeds
18 feet width which appears to be the extreme possible
without extensive base work should be provided.  Washed
sand and gravel is available at low cost in Belton.  A
sand and gravel aggregate with slow curing cut-back as-
phalt is recommended for the mix as it will offer su-
ficient [sic] stability and yet permit some reshaping and
addition of material when and where anticipated failures
develop.  A minimum of 1 ½” depth is required for proper
handling by blade.  In the future if and when the pavement
stabilizes a non-skid surface should be placed but the
expenditure could not be justified at the present time and
the construction would not correlate with the scheme of main-
tenance and development above outlined.

e.  To reduce traffic hazards gravel shoulders must be provided
at this time.  Some earthwork is required incident to the
shoulder work.  The shoulders will be limited to 3 feet
minimum width because of present Right of Way restrictions.
The attached estimate is based on construction as outlined above.

                                                                                        H. P. Stockton, Jr.

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H.P. Stockton to Gibb Gilchrist, February 29, 1936. Bell County project files, Texas Highway Department Records, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.


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