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Rollin J. Windrow to D.W. Cunningham, July 21, 1921

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Rollin J. Window to D.W. Cunningham, July 1921July Twenty-First
Nineteen Twenty-One

Mr.  D. W. Cunningham, Sec’y
Bankhead Highway Association
Palo Pinto, Texas

Dear Sir:

This will acknowledge receipt of your
letter of July 16th, in which you advise that
there is considerable objection to a bond issue
on the ground of “Too Much Engineering” and
requesting information as to how to best meet
this opposition.

The cost of proper engineering and super-
vision on Highways, or any other kind of construction
is a small portion of the total cost of the work
and the success of the work depends entirely on
adequate and proper engineering supervision.  There
has been more failures in Highway construction,
not only in Texas but in other states, due to lack
of proper engineering than from any other causes.
It is quite frequent and we might say
generally the case that an engineer is employed
to make surveys, draw up plans and supervise con-
struction and after his surveys have been made and
plans drawn up, his authority to supervise and
direct the construction work is limited by those,
under whose jurisdiction he is working, to such an
extent that he is not able to carry his work forward
as planned.

The fact is quite frequently lost sight
of that an engineer whose education and experience
especially fits him for meeting and solving the
provlems [sic] that arise on construction work and he is
forced to do thangstthat [sic] are against his judgement

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Rollin J. Windrow to D.W. Cunningham, July 21, 1921. Bankhead Highway, Texas Highway Department Records, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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