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Rollin J. Windrow to D.W. Cunningham, July 21, 1921

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Rollin J. Window to D.W. Cunningham, July 1921DWC #2    7/21/21

by those under whom he is serving and whose education
and training have been entirely foreign to work
of that nature.

It is our opinion that there is just one
successful way to properly construct Highways
and that is, to employ an engineer of ability to
make surveys, prepare plans and supervise construc-
tion work and to give him full authority after
the plans have been approved, to see that the
work is properly supervised and executed and to
protect him from the influences of local politics,
so that he will have a free rein in directing the
construction work.

You requested the names of a few Counties
that you might write to for information to meet the
opposition of “Too Much Engineering”.  In this
connection, we would suggest that you write to
Judge High L. Small of Fort Worth and to the County
Judges of Smith, Montague, Denton and Kleberg

Trusting that this will assist you, we are

Yours truly,

Rollen J. Windrow
State Highway Engineer


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Rollin J. Windrow to D.W. Cunningham, July 21, 1921. Bankhead Highway, Texas Highway Department Records, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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