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Dewitt Greer to the Texas Highway Commission, May 10, 1956

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Dewitt Greer to the Texas Highway Commission, May 1956(dictated May 10, 1956)



The State-Federal Program
On the Interstate System

Honorable E. H. Thornton, Jr., Chairman
Honorable Marshall Formby, Member
Honorable Herbert C. Petry, Jr., Member
State Highway Commission


Congressional approval is now assured on a thirteen year Interstate Highway
System program, involving Federal Funds in the amount of $25 Billion and
State Funds in the amount of $2 Billion.  In round figures Texas’ share
in this thirteen year program will be the $754 Million in Federal Funds matched
by $83 Million in State Funds, to constitute an over-all thirteen year pro-
gram of $837 Million on the Interstate System.  This Bill establishes Con-
gressional intent over the thirteen year period but only allocates the money
for two years of operation.

The Act provides that funds for the first two years shall be apportioned and
made available for expenditure immediately upon the enactment of the Bill.
This means that, insofar as Texas is concerned, immediately upon the passage
of the Act we have available to us on this particular system Federal Funds
in the amount of $102 Million.  This requires $11 Million of State matching
funds, making a total program amount of $113 Million.  It is our recommenda-
tion that we proceed at once to form a work program, by projects, covering
this amount of money.  We recommend the follow policy procedure.

Since Congress has indicated by its action that they expect to reimburse
the States the amount of money that has been spent on the Interstate System
on such sections as meet the Interstate standards, and if this work has been
placed under construction prior to June 30, 1957, it is felt that our inter-
ests would be best served by making the No. 1 priority in this program the
bringing up to standard those portions of the Interstate System that we have
partially completed to Interstate Expressway standards, as rapidly as possible.

It is recommended that, in fairness to those counties and cities that have
heretofore secured adequate controlled access right of way, as requested by
us on the Interstate System, we should include projects in the program to
take advantage of this right of way, regardless of their comparison in merit
with other portions of the system where right of way has not heretofore been

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Dewitt Greer to the Texas Highway Commission, May 10, 1956. Commission Letters, Texas Highway Department Records, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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