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James Morgan to Sam Houston, April 1843(the Com. Says) on board! And as the friends of Texas here appears to
take great interest in the affair & some of them must have made
liberal advances to get the vessels to Sea, under an impression that they
were furthering the views of the Govt. [A]dded to which, the Certain miserable
condition, 'tiz said, the Mexican Steamers are known to be in, and the
ease with which they may be captured, at this time, has induced Col.
Bryan & myself to get the vessels off to Galveston as peacefully & quietly
as possible, with every thing on board as they are. To have proceeded
differently would have not only militated against securing the
possession of the vessels but jeopardised [sic] their Security altogether.
Now, as the vessels will be at Galveston under the direct control
of the Govt  and ready for Service if so decided on, the friends of
Texas who have aided in fitting them out may, possibly, be gratified
at a different determination, for awhile, than was contemplated
by Congress in the “Secret Act.” As it is left discretionary with
the President, ___ [?] , when to sell etc.! My private impression,
is, that if these vessels were properly commanded, a blow might
be Struck on the Coast of Mexico that would be of vast advantage
to Texas, and increased confidence abroad of our ability to cope with
Mexico, both by land & by water & sustain ourselves without aid from
any quarter . The Mexican Steamers are said to be miserably
man’d; and their Sailors in a state of total insubordination.
One of them has 40 & the other 30 English Sailors on board[;]
the balance of their crews are made up of recruits from
the Army! A devoted friend of Texas has been on board of them
& examined them thoroughly—says the English Sailors are under
no control or restraint whatever—go Home when they please
and go unpunished for disobedience etc. etc. So that these Steamers

may be got hold of for

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James Morgan to Sam Houston, April 8, 1843. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #3013, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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