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James Morgan to Sam Houston, April 1843I know well what your labours are, My Dear Genl, and the
difficulty & privation you have to incounter [sic] in your endeavours
to Sustain the Country[.] I can only say “well done thou good & faithful
Servant you shall have your rewards[.] Mr ___ [?] will
return in one of the vessels. Com M. has the articles he
took off—and, probably, directed him to send them to him
some time ago! Indeed, every thing is now in a fair train
for examination—explanation—for Safety & Security.

              I shall proceed in one of the vessels which will go
into Galveston Harbor unless I am thrown overboard!
Mr Stephens will go up in the New York possibly and by whom [I]
will forward this.

              I was very unwell when I last wrote & Confined to
my room & bed for three weeks after Col Bryan left
under the Doctor’s charge—Leeched & blinched—depleted
in person & purse pretty thoroughly I can assure you.
Am convalescing fast, however, and believe I may say
that “Richard’s himself again.” I am really heartily
tired of N.O. & want to get home, badly. Please present
me most respectfully to Mrs Houston & be assured  

Dear Genl, that I am,
Faithfully & truly,
J Morgan.

P.S. In a late letter from Genl Swartout
he desires to be particularly remembered
to you[.] He appears in good spirits[.]

  [Note from left margin]

P.S. 2nd—Finding a Gentleman on whom I can rely going with N. York
to Galveston I shall send all my
dispatches by him to Gail Borden ____ [?] to forwarded by him to
the Seat of Govt[.] Mr Stephens will ______ [?]
in one of the vessels.

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James Morgan to Sam Houston, April 8, 1843. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #3013, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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