The Texas Navy Memorandum for Judge Evans, December 5, 1855 - Page 1

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Document explaining claims of Moore and Tod, December 1855

            Deduct the sum of $803 (being included in
the acct. settled by Capt. Tod for Pralls’ Bill of
Medicins) also the amount of Blounts Bill of $798.02
(allowed in the settlement of H.H. Williams acct.)
and Commodore Moore ought in justice be charged
with the balance contained in his receipt given
to Capt. Tod. He must be allowed credit for it
when he produces the Bills for what that sum
was expended.

              The amount (in cash & drafts) embraced
in Commo. Moore’s receipt to Capt. Tod was dis-
bursed by him (Commo. Moore) for the Colorado, therefore he is
responsible for the amount, as it was paid for
the purpose of extricating the Brig from the posi-
tion she was placed in, but his disbursing that
amount over and above the sum of $40.000 which
he carried with him to the U.S.

        The $600 left in Bond in New York
cannot be allowed as a Credit to Commodore
Moore, for since his return to Texas, he has
given an order for the sum to settle a
private transaction, consequently it must
be charged to him.    

Amount of Receipt



Prall’s Bill


Deduct Prall & Blounts Bill



Blounts “


Leaves the amount of

$3849.20 to be charged
to Commodore E.W. Moore



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Memorandum for Judge Evans, December 5, 1855. Texas Navy Papers, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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