Triumph and Tragedy: Presidents of the Republic of Texas

Memucan Hunt to David G. Burnet, June 3, 1836

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Memucan Hunt to David Burnet, June 1836


Hon David G. Burnet.

Velasco Texas June 3 1836

To His Excellency the President and the Honorbl
the members of the Cabinet


            It is with feelings of
deep regret to me and must be to all advocates
of the Cause of Texas to know the excitement
which now prevails among the people on the sub-
ject of the removal of Genl Santa Ana [sic] from
Texas. [D]epend upon my assurance, that this
act will produce civil excitement, to an extent
which will not stop short of violence upon your
honorable body, and I feel fully justified in the
remark from my intercourse with the people, that
nine tenths yea nineteen twentieths seem to
demand that the Government, shall comply with
the wishes of so large a majority and it does
appear to me that our system would justify
a confident hope, that you will comply on your
part with a wish when the people do so unanimously
petition. Genl Santa Anna had better be
executed twenty times if it could be done that
often. [W]e had better undergo campaign and camp-
aign than allow him to be the cause of a rupture
and violence between the people and the Government
a circumstance which must eventuate in more

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Memucan Hunt to David G. Burnet, June 3, 1836. Executive Records Books, Texas Secretary of State, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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