Triumph and Tragedy: Presidents of the Republic of Texas

George W. Terrell to Sam Houston, March 2, 1842

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G.W. Terrell to Sam Houston, March 1842


City of Austin
March 2nd 1842  

My Dear Gen  

            This proudest day in the calendar
of our National history—instead of being observed
in the capital of the Republic as a day of National
humiliation [humility] and religious devotion to that God who rules
the destiny of nations—according to the recommendation
of the President—is with us a day of bustle and
excitement, if not of alarm.  

            Judge Hemphill has just come in (having ridden
fifty miles since dark last night) from San Antonio
and brings the news (or rumour rather) that the
town is about to be attacked by a large body of Mexican
troops—estimated at from 600 to 1000—said by
some to be the advance guard of an invading Army
by others to be a mere marauding party—who intend
to sack and plunder the town. He does not know
what confidence to place in these different reports—but
says the whole of the citizens there (both Americans and
Mexican) believe it—and most of them are leaving
with their families. The old Catholic Priest informed
Van Ness that the Mexicans were coming, and
would be there by the 15th Inst. There are a great many
more rumours—but I think them to[o] exaggerated even
to repeat. Whether any of them are entitled to
credit, I know not. The only confirmatory evidence
I have seen is a Proclamation from [General Mariano] Arista—very

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George W. Terrell to Sam Houston, March 2, 1842. Andrew Jackson Houston Papers #2211, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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