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Mirabeau Lamar, "In Deathless Beauty," 1851

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"In Deathless Beauty"


Miss Henrietta Maffitt.  

O, lady, if the Stars so bright,
            Were diamond worlds bequeath’d to me,
I would resign them all this night,
            To frame one welcome lay to thee;
For thou art dearer to my heart,
            Than all the gems of earth and sky;
And he who sings thee as thou art
            May boast a song that cannot die,    

But how shall I the task assay?
            Can I rejoin the tuneful throng,
Since Beauty has withdrawn its ray—
            The only light that kindles song?
No, no—my harp in darkness bound,
            Can never more my soul beguile;
Its spirit fled when woman frown’d,
            Nor hopes for her returning smile.

  Then blame me not—my skill is gone—
            I have no worthy song to give;
But thou shalt be my favorite one,
            To love and worship whilst I live;
Whate’er betides—where’er I roam,
            Thine Angel image I will bear
Upon my heart, as on a stone,
            In deathless beauty sculptur’d there.

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Mirabeau Lamar, "In Deathless Beauty," 1851. Mirabeau B. Lamar Papers #3134, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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