Fear, Force, and Leather: The Texas Prison System&rsquot;s First Hundred Years 1848-1948

Henry Helms, Convict Biography, September 6, 1929

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Note: Record redacted. The record displayed is redacted to mask information that may be confidential under the Texas Public Information Act. (Texas Government Code, Section 552.101 (information confidential by law)).

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Convict biography  of Henry Helms on his way to the death chamber, September 6, 1929

Subject is faining [feigning] insanity and refuses to speak-These sheets are made
up from information as revealed under #54991-Henry Helms.

Convict’s Biography


Register No EX 70
When and Where Received  July 6, 1929                     At Huntsville Prison
Name Helms, Henry
County Eastland    Term        Death by Electrocution 9/6/1929
Crime  Robbery with Firearms.
Date of Sentence July 5, 1929
Birthplace of Father Ky    Birthplace of Mother Texas
Date of Birth  2/3/1896  Age 33 (29)  Height 5-10   Weight 165
Race  White  Complexion Medium  Eyes DkGrey  Hair DkBro
Married Yes   Single   Widowed  Divorced
Use of Tobacco Cigts   Habits of life  Temp  Education Poor
Able to Read  Yes   Able to Write Yes  Number of years in School 4 years
Nativity (State or Country) Texas  Occupation      Rig Builder
Style of Whiskers Worn  None
Residence and Post Office  Wichita Falls, Texas.
Relations: Name and Address in Full [redacted]  (w) Wichita Falls, Texas.
If Ex-Convict, What County Sent From  Wichita  Year    1926
Under What Name  Henry Helms, #54991
What Force Discharged From  Pardoned 1/10/1927 Procl #20397.
M[a]rks, Scars and General Remarks: I. Blank. II. Blank. III. Sm ct sc under chin.
Ct sc rt shin.
Labor Union Affiliation ?????
State, if Ex-Service Man No    Yes  No
Size of Shoes Worn, No.  10½


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Excerpts from the death row file of Henry Helms (#70), September 6, 1929. Historical death row files, Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.


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