Fear, Force, and Leather: The Texas Prison System&rsquot;s First Hundred Years 1848-1948

J.K.P. Campbell, Monthly Report, September 1875

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J.K.P. Campbell, monthly report for September 1875

see that on the 23rd inst they had not done so[.] This force is without
shoes & badly clothed. The force under Sergt Harris Wood on T&P RR
got the ration of pure coffee & 1/4th tobacco. This Sergt is one of the
best in the Service and will take good care of his men. There are only
four Sergents [sic] who report that their men get pure coffee. The planters who
have convicts hired and it is their place to feed them give as a general
thing good Substantial rations. [T]hey get in the plantations [sic] vegetables as I
am informed by the Sergeants and I hope by next month to have reports
that the planters are giving pure coffee[.] I have no idea that the Lessees will issue
the pure coffee to the men they have to feed.

Nearly all the Sergeants except those who have been sent out recently report
that their men are in need of clothing & shoes. But little has been done in the shoe
shop for some time on account of having no material, and very little convict cloth
has been woven for months. It will be but a short time now untill [sic] the fall and
winter clothing should be made and issued, and not a yard of woolen jean
has yet been woven, and if the Lessees have any wool on hand I do not know
where it is. The result I fear will be suffering among the convicts at work on
the outside. You will see I have suspended 50 convicts[.] I do not know
where they are or what has become of them[.] This number will vary as
I discover what has become of them—whether they have died[,] been discharged
or pardoned or escaped. I have been for months trying to correct the record books
and will continue at it untill [sic] I get them as near right as possible. We have more
men in hand than I thought some time since. We have received this year 976 convicts
which is 125 more than was received last year. This shows a rigid enforcement of the laws
throughout the state.

J.K.P. Campbell

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J.K.P. Campbell, Monthly Report, September 1875. Superintendent/Inspector, Reports, Records Relating to the Penitentiary, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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