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Erminia Thompson Folsom to Annette Finnigan, December 23, 1912

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Erminia T. Folsom to Annette Finnigan, 1912

There are just eight persons who have

become members of this local association

without a personal call from me; but the

time is coming, as it did a few days

ago, when the telephone will ring and

some one will say he wishes to become a

member. Austin may be the most

conservative place in the State, that is

one reason why it needs a strong asso-

ciation; its importance cannot be over

estimated as it is the capital and the

legislators breath[e] our atmosphere

and the University students are here.

            Say do you know what has

become of those Houston parties who

years ago were a committee to form

the College League for Texas? I mean

the committee appointed by Mrs. Park

when she was in Texas in 1909, I


            Our president and family are to

spend a few days in Galveston during

the holidays; and of course Mr.

and Mrs. Walker would like to me[e]t

you and can stop in Houston either

on their way to Galveston, or on their

way back. They expect to leave

here Christmas night, which would

put them in Houston Thursday morn-

ing. Please let us know when


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Erminia Thompson Folsom to Annette Finnigan, December 23, 1912, Erminia Thompson Folsom Collection, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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