John Connally

LBJ and Connally at the ranch

Governor Connally is shown in this photo driving President Johnson during a visit to the Connally Ranch near Austin. Lady Bird Johnson is seated behind the president and Nellie Connally can be seen behind the governor. Connally served Johnson in a variety of capacities. He managed five of LBJ's political campaigns, including reelection to Congress in 1946, his famous 1941 and 1948 Senate Races, his unsuccessful bid for the Democratic nomination in 1960, and his election to the presidency in 1964. He also assisted Johnson during the struggle for control of the Texas Democratic party in the 1950s. Even after his own political career was well underway, Connally remained loyal to Johnson; he deferred his switch to the Republican party until after LBJ's death in 1973.

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Courtesy John B. Connally Records, Lyndon Baines Johnson Library.

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