Lubbock to Jefferson Davis, November 13, 1862

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Lubbock to Davis, page 2

the new laws be imposed I do not believe

I can get them.

There is a feverish anxiety

pervading the Public Mind as to what may happen

here this winter. We appear to the allegedly being assaulted

on the coast by the enemies Gun Boats and

marauding parties; if nothing more formidable

invasion is expected on our Northern Border

When recently great outrages here have been

committed by Indians and Jay Hawkes,

as also the discovery of many from Territory.

Many believe that we will be invaded

from the West; under these circumstances

our People are really uneasy. They all

will leave home poorly provided [?][?]

with arms and ammunition; hence the

great reluctance to see any more men

leave the state at this time.

I have at all times

and on all occasions assisted in sending

men out of the State to scenes of war

action and I dislike now to

admit that we should send no more.

I am however of the opinion

that the [?] men in Texas should be

permitted to remain here until next

Spring, and if by that time necessity should

require Texas to furnish an additional

number I feel safe in saying that her

people will be ready to respond.

The permitting of so many new

organizations since the passage of the Conscription

law has done much harm and I assure

you that unless Regts are consolidated

the old ones can never be filled up.

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Lubbock to Jefferson Davis, November 13, 1862, Records of Francis Richard Lubbock, Texas Office of the Governor, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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