Lubbock to Jefferson Davis, November 13, 1862

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Lubbock to Davis, page 3

I of course only speak for Texas, I know not

how it is in other localities.

I am clearly of

the opinion that the Old Regiments that have seen

so much hard service and reflected so

much on themselves and performed

such gallant deeds for the country

should be fostered cherished and cared

for. Those veterans should be kept together

and their identity preserved even if it

be at the expense of the late organizations.

Can you not spare us a

few thousand arms for this state. If

we could get back the old rifles and shot

guns that have been taken off by our men

and which [?] have been laid aside

for men appears this we would

feel better able to defend our state.

If I could be assured of any

firearms I would send an agent

to attend to their transportation.

Will you not send an order

to the Commanding Genl suspending the

late act for the present within the

state of Texas.

Let me hope to hear

from you soon.

With Sentimental assurances

of my high regard and esteem

I am your Excellent


F.R. Lubbock

To His Excellency

Jeff Davis


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Lubbock to Jefferson Davis, November 13, 1862, Records of Francis Richard Lubbock, Texas Office of the Governor, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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