Murrah to "My Countrymen," April 27, 1865

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Murrah to "My Countrymen," page 3

Recall the convictions upon which

you entered this contest. Fight for

them and die for them. When a

nation forgets the principles which led

her into revolution she ceases to be the

same nation. Turn your gaze once

more on the Constitution of your country --

state and Confederate -- and the laws

made in pursuance thereof. Enforce

obedience to the laws of the land, so

that private property may be respected,

good order preserved, and

threatening anarchy averted.

The army

should be recruited by every man capable

of bearing arms, whose services can

be spared from manufacturing and

agricultural employment.

The labor necessary to feed and

clothe the army and the country, our

soldiers, their wives and children should

be set apart, and sacredly devoted

to that purpose.

Let every man resolve to do his whole duty, and

renewing his vows of fidelity to the cause of his country,

he will draw fresh inspiration from the urgency of

the occasion. I tell you frankly that every man has

a personal and individual interest in this struggle. Be not cajoled

or deceived my countrymen by false hopes and fair promises.

Look at the bloody and desolate tracks of the invader through

Georgia and South Carolina and see the fate that awaits

you. Cities sacked and in ruins, the country swept by the [?]

of destruction, thriving villages and once happy homes reduced

to ashes, their helpless inmates stripped of their

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Murrah to "My Countrymen," April 27, 1865, Records of Pendleton Murrah, Texas Office of the Governor, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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