Ireland to Texas Legislature, January 11, 1887

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Ireland to legislature, page 2

are to be seen in the grand structure now

towering upwards on Capitol hill.

It will require considerable money to

put the grounds in order and to furnish the

new capitol. I have assurances that the

building will be completed and ready for

occupancy by the time the Twenty-first legis-

lature meets. I call your attention to this

matter so that you may take such intell-

igent action in the case as you in your

wisdom see fit. In the meantime it is

proper to say that, for durability and com-

pleteness, the edifice so far as it has gone is

unsurpassed, and posterity will have no

reason to be ashamed of the work.

The granite for this building is a

gift to the state from Messrs. Westfall, Lacy, & Norton,

the owners of the quarries. I herewith trans-

mit a copy of the last report of the Capitol

Commissioners, to which I invite a careful



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Message to the Legislature, January 11, 1887, Records of John Ireland, Texas Office of the Governor, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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