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TSLAC 1974/066-001 Lone Star Flag

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TSLAC 1974/066-001
Lone Star Flag

The Lone Star flag of Texas has been called “one of the best known symbols in the world.” Historians believe that early in the life of the Texas republic, Texans used a modified American flag, with 13 stripes and a single Lone Star in the blue canton. In late 1838, the Texas Senate commissioned a new flag that would better symbolize the independence of the Republic of Texas. This brilliant design was produced by Austin artist Peter Krag for a fee of $10 (about $200 in current dollars).

The design was approved on January 25, 1839, and signed on the top by Mirabeau Lamar, President of the Republic of Texas; John M. Hansford, Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives; and David Burnet, President of the Texas Senate.

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