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Reuben M. Potter to McArdle, March 19, 1878

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Potter to McArdle, March 1878

Genl Steel has sent me a copy of a communi-

cation he has received from Mr. Luber of Grimes

County, relating, as told to and believed by him, the ad-

ventures of one Mon. Rose an old Frenchman of

Nacogdoches who claimed to have been a survivor of

Travis's command - as one who deserted by permission,

and the only one who accepted a permission for-

mally tendered to all on the 3d of March, the day

when Travis sent out his last intact dispatch,

the same in which he expresses a determination

to hold the fort or perish, but says nothing

about the strange affair which Rose tells of.

It was not a time when Travis would have demor-

alized his band by an offer for skulking which

would have enabled the few cowards in it, if there

were any, to subvert the determination of the rest.

The same paper makes as great a perversion of the

story of Mrs. Dickenson by accepting that she was

not in the Alamo when it was taken, but hidden un-

der the charge of the priest, in the Church of San

Antonio, not the chapel of the Alamo but the Par-

ish church in town. I gave my reasons to Genl Steel

for discarding both stories, and added a copy of that letter

as an additional note in the m.s. [manuscript] to one of my later

pamphlets which I sent to M. Austin Bryant at Bren-

ham . If you would like to read my examination of

the subject, ask Mr Bryant for a sight of that pamphlet

when you next go to Brenham.

            Mr. Dixon requested of me, I think at your

suggestion, copies of some of my poems, and data

for a brief biographical sketch, which he may if he

is pleased with them, insert in a compilation which

he contemplates publishing.

I sent them in two successive letters; the first has

gone safe, if my letter to you was recd;

for the latter was inclosed in the former.

            Referred you to my former letter for farther [further] infor-

mation about my self & enquiries about you, I am

Most truly yours

Reuben M. Potter


H. A. McArdle, Esq



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