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Dawn at the Alamo

Frank W. Johnson, Critique of Painting, May 18, 1876

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Frank W. Johnson, May 1876

            I have been shown the design and the outline of a painting of the "Fall

of the Alamo," by Mr. McArdle of Independence, Texas. The conception, in all

its parts, is not only good, but grand. Mr. McArdle has spent considerable

time and money in visiting the ruins of the Alamo, and is collecting funds [?]

in relation thereto. Of his ability as an artist, he has furnished ample

proofs. Like many of his profession, he is poor. Without private or State

aid he will be unable to prosecute his work to completion.

            Patriotism and gratitude, alike, appeal to the public but to the Legis-

lature especially, for aid in behalf of this praiseworthy work. What in

the history of Texas is more deserving of public favor and state aid

than this historic picture, commemorating as it does the memorable

"Fall of the Alamo?" Will this great and growing state refuse to aid in perpet-

uating the names of the fallen heroes? Will she prove, as republics [?]

are said to be, ungrateful? We shall see.

Round Rock, May 1876.

F. W. Johnson

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Frank W. Johnson, Critique of Painting, May 18, 1876, The McArdle Notebooks, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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