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Dawn at the Alamo

D.A. Woodward (McArdle's Teacher) to McArdle, August 29, 1889

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D.A. Woodward, August 1889

Harry A. McArdle




Baltimore, Aug: 29th. 1889

Harry A. McArdle.

Dear Sir.

            Your favor of the

12th inst. came duly to hand

with photo. of your design for

the "Fall of the Alamo" and papers

relating thereto, asking my

"severest criticism".

            Would have replied much

sooner but I desired ample

time to examin[e] thoroughly

and give the subject the

attention its importance

demands. While my time

is so much occupied with

other matters exacting my

closest attention that I really

have not been able to do

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D.A. Woodward (McArdle's Teacher) to McArdle, August 29, 1889, The McArdle Notebooks, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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