The Battle of San Jacinto

F.G. Roberts to McArdle, May 27, 1889

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Roberts to McArdle, 1889

Graball Washington Co Tex May 27th 1889.

Profr McArdle

Independence Tex

            Dear Sir. I notice in the Brenham

Banner a paragraph stating that you were

geting [sic] up a painting to represent the Battle

of San Jacinto—and the surrender of Gen

Santa Anna to Gen Houston.

About the former I know nothing - but

I was well acquainted with general Houston

who often made my fathers house his home

whenever he was about San Augustine in

eastern Texas. He stayed there for some time

immediately after the battle of San Jacinto

while he was nursing a wounded ankle - and

and [sic] on one occasion he showed me how

Santa Anna first approached him and told me

what he Said.

When Santa Anna was brought into camp

it was not known who he was - and his first

object was to See the general in command - and when

taken to Gen Houston he approached him with his

right hand extended and graped [grasped] the hand of

Gen Houston - at the same time grasping the thumb

of Gen Houstons right hand with his, Santa Annas

left hand - Saying "I am General Antonio Lopez

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F.G. Roberts to McArdle, May 27, 1889, The Battle of San Jacinto Notebook, The McArdle Notebooks, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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