The Battle of San Jacinto

Certified Copies of Letters on the Sherman Flag by Edward Miles and Carrie Sherman Menard

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Letters on the Sherman Flag




Answers of Edward Miles.



The character of the Mexican Breast Works

They were made of Mexican Pack Saddles, Brush etc

[(1) only � mile]


The ground between the two armies who were en-

camped about 2 miles apart (1) was an open rolling

prairie a portion being level with motts ans small

skirts of woods along the streams

"Buck Eye


"Presented by the

Ladies of Newport

Ky" "Victory

or Death" on

its spear was al-

so a Lady's fine

Kid glove


One "A" Company 1st Regiment Vol. Infy

had been uniformed in grey and were armed with the

Mississippi Yager half stocked Brass Mounted Round

Barrel Lock & with them some nine recruits

not uniformed with long Kentucky Rifles, flint lock

This Company also had a beautiful blue

silk Flag & handsomely painted, with a female figure,

and the only Company uniformed. There was some

pretty fair half blood horses and ponies-two com-

panies of Regulars were pretty well disciplined and

armed with muskets and bayonets. The Command were

not uniformed & we had all kinds of-Rifles,

Shot guns, Muskets. The Cavalry had short guns

Holster Pistols with some lances.



The "Twin Sisters" were made of Iron and

they were mounted on plain strong wheels 4 lb

"Tar Buckets"


The uniforms of the Mexicans was of light Blue coarse

cloth, some with yellow, some with red trimmings

Infy [had] high leather hats with pompoons [sic] red white &

green. Their Infantry had The London Tower Eng

lish Muskets & Bayonets, Flint Locks. Their cavalry

had Escopets, Sabers and some lances & Holster Pis-

tols. A Musket with 18 inches cut off-only with a

larger bore would serve as a model.


7 [sic]

I am unable to say about Flags. Our

Company Flag if found must be considerably Tatter-

ed & torn. The Mexican Colors are Red White &

Green with the Mexican Eagle, Some of these were

very fine silk with Gold

I was then under 20 years old unshaven

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Certified Copies of Letters on the Sherman Flag by Edward Miles and Carrie Sherman Menard, The Battle of San Jacinto Notebook, The McArdle Notebooks, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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