The Battle of San Jacinto

McArdle's Memoranda on Texas Flags

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McArdle on flags

McArdle's Notes on Flags


White Star

Red Grid [?]

Made at Harrisburgh [sic]

in 1835 (1)


Blue Star

White Grid

Georgia battalion (2)

Raised by Fannin at



Blue field

Painted Goddess of liberty

Gold fringe


The only flag

at the battle of

San Jacinto


Permanent flag

adopted Jany 39


The present

“Lone Star Flag”




Capt. (or Lieut?) Dodson's Flag(?). See Mrs.

Looscan's article "History & Evolution of Texas Flag"

in Comprehensive History of Texas (Wooten's Ed) Vol. 1, p 693.


See also: Jas. S. McGahey's Flag (1835) and his letter

of Sept 18/1885 to McArdle and accompanying drawing and

newspaper article, all in this Volume.

San Jacinto



See also: Complete data in this Volume — letters and

affidavits from Ed Miles and Mrs. Menard authentic-

cating McArdle's representation in his painting "The

Battle of San Jacinto" of the so-called "San Jacinto

Flag" or "Sherman Flag."



"Flag of



See also: Reuben M. Potter on Flag of 1824

— so called "Alamo Flag" — in Potter's article

“The Texas Revolution,” in Magazine of American

History, Oct 1878, reprint in ____ ____ . See

pp 7 and 8 of Potter article.



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