No. 5 -- An Ordinance
In relation to a union of the State of Texas with the Confederate States of America.
March 22, 1861

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the Convention of this State has received information that the Congress of the Confederate States of America, now in session at the city of Montgomery, in the State of Alabama, has adopted a Constitution for a Provisional Government, which Constitution is modelled [sic] on that of the United States of America, and, whereas, as a seceded State, it becomes expedient and proper that Texas should join said Confederacy and share its destinies; and, whereas, a delegation, consisting of seven members, has already been elected by the Convention to the Congress of the Confederacy aforesaid;

Section 1.
The People of Texas, in Convention assembled, Have ordained and declared, and do hereby ordain and declare, that the delegation aforesaid, to the Congress aforesaid, be, and they are hereby instructed, and we do accordingly instruct them, in behalf of the State, and as representing its sovereign authority, to apply for the admission of this State into said Confederacy; and to that end and for that purpose, to give in the adhesion of Texas to the provisional Constitution of said Confederate States; and which said Constitution, this Convention hereby approves, ratifies and accepts.

Sec. 2. Be it further ordained, That the delegation appointed by this Convention to the Congress of the Confederate States, be and they are hereby authorized to act in said Congress as the duly accredited representatives of the State of Texas: provided, however, that any permanent Constitution which may be formed by said Congress shall not become obligatory on this State until approved by the people in such way as shall be determined upon.

Sec. 3. Be it further ordained, That the President of the Convention immediately transmit, through such channel as he may elect, a copy or copies of this ordinance to the Congress at Montgomery, and the members of Congress from this State.

Done at Austin City, March 5th, A.D. 1861.

The Constitution of the State of Texas, as Amended in 1861, The Constitution of the Confederate States of America, The Ordinances of the Texas Convention, and An Address to the People of Texas. Austin: Printed by John Marshall, State Printer, 1861, pp. 24-25

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